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Remy Mars


2 voted

Age: 28
Weight: 140
Chest: 33
Waist: 30
Position: Versatile

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southafricanboy 08/15 00:45:00/2011

I love your lips, dick & ass. U have a South African fan in me. Id surrender my ass 2 U anytime, just make a trip 2 SA & find out.

rob 01/29 05:56:19/2011

man you can take some dick in that ass and i no that ass is good and i will like to have some of it

Devron 10/24 04:42:28/2010

I like how u go deep on that dick damn fart on mi dick

shyhem 07/29 10:35:34/2010

dam he is fine!

Dre 07/18 23:01:39/2010

Yo Remy is so fucking hot yo yall need to do more shit with him...I wanna see him and Enigma


Maybe the best known bottom in the game, his top skills are often overlooked. Of all his scenes, prob the most often asked about is him and Enigma raw in the shower in the movie Flooded.