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Dreayonn fucks CJ

Rating: 8.58

33 voted

Stars: CJ, Dreayonn

Keywords: Facial, Dildo, Gaping Hole, Fingering

CJ was waiting for this dick all day that we were shooting and he finally got it and doesnt dissapoi...

Remy tops Stash

Rating: 9.07

29 voted

Stars: Stash, Remy Mars

Keywords: Facial

What a flip fuck, starts out looking like Remy is gonna take some dick then we flip it up and he lay...

Saadiq fucks CJ

Rating: 8.34

32 voted

Stars: Saadiq, CJ

Keywords: Facial, Fingering, Long Hair

Saadiq has a really nice big dick, so nice we put it on the cover of Shut Up and Take It, CJ loved i...

Magic and Peanut fuck kBlaze

Rating: 8.79

28 voted

Stars: Magic, kBlaze, Peanut

Keywords: Gaping Hole

So after getting DEMOLISHED by Magic in The Destruction of kBlaze, son had a change of heart and inv...

Dreams Bike Chain Orgy

Rating: 9.71

45 voted

Stars: Dream, Slim Thug, kBlaze, Shorty J

Keywords: Dildo

This is some crazy shit, Shorty J takes a chain in his ass, kBlaze gets giant dildoes and so close t...

Real Couple - JB and Dawan

Rating: 8.84

25 voted

Stars: Johnny Boy, Dawan

Keywords: Romance

We give you Johnny Boi and Dawan. They are a real couple who first tell you about their relationship...

Slim Thug Vs Desire

Rating: 8.52

33 voted

Stars: Slim Thug, Desire

Keywords: Facial, Dildo, Gaping Hole, Fingering, Long Hair, Sucking, Doggy Style Fucking

Desire is a hungry bottom, Slim Thug is a big dick top, its a great match. Another scene from the on...

Enigma fucks Obie

Rating: 8.94

18 voted

Stars: Obie, Enigma

Keywords: Too Rough, Fingering, Long Hair, Sucking, Rimming, Doggy Style Fucking, Bottom on Top Fucking, Missionary Fucking, Cum On Ass, Spanking, Rough Sex

Not one of our best, its aiight, maybe you\'ll enjoy it, just get through with it until the next one...

Sexcyone and GStunna

Rating: 9.15

33 voted

Stars: GStunna, Sexcyone

First time on camera bottom G Stunna gets fucked by Sexcyone. There is a few minutes in this scene t...